Here's A Look At Our Revolutionary System that Generated 
Over $51 Million in Real Estate Transaction in 2018!
New Commissions on Demand System
"We've done 22 closings this month thanks to Ravi and his Commissions on Demand System, and we're only 5 weeks in."
"5 weeks in and I've put an offer on a $2,100,000 home and had 3 face-to-face meetings with clients."
"Ravi's system has gotten me hundreds of serious buyer leads for my $6,000,000 listing!"
"He has some tremendous systems in place that qualify the leads more than any other service!"
"I've already been in contact with so many of my future clients!"
Casey got 24 QUALIFIED leads/appointments within 48 hours of working together!
Qualified Leads: 29
Cost Per Lead: $5.08
Time Frame: 2 Days
Tired with only 3% commission? With our system you can generate that prized 6%!
Sarah got a $1,200,000 buyer lead looking to buy in 4 months...
400 Qualified leads for $5 a pop!
More Appointments = More Closings
Jesus couldn't be happier with our Commissions on Demand System, so happy in fact the second month he moved to our highest package!
Chelsea got her first closed buyer 14 days after launching our campaign!
Andrew got 3 buyer consultations in the first week of using our system!
"I'm 7 weeks in and we have 6 in escrow."
"What I wasn't expecting was a listing and a exclusive buyer contract in the first week."
"When the leads start pouring in, and I mean pouring in, they are instantly qualified and put on a call with me."
"As of 5 minutes ago I've had 23 qualified leads, probably 5 more since then!"
"Within the first week of our campaign I had 3 Buyer Consultations!"
"I wake up every morning to booked appointments with exactly who I told Ravi I wanted to speak with!"
How would you like our team to TRANSFER HOT LEADS to you?
Daniel got a $3,000,000 CASH buyer lead to schedule in-person showings with him!
How would you feel waking up to a BOOK calendar every single day?
Imagine if your inbox looked like this, every 24 hours...
Andrew got an exclusive buyer brokerage agreement signed within 5 days of using our system...
Stephen has had three buyer consultations, working on getting two of them into a home, and has a face-to-face with the third tomorrow (only 4 days in)!
Sabine spoke to a qualified Home Buyer on the First Day of our Campaign!
DISCOVER HOW TO GET NEW Exclusive & Nurtured Home Buyer & Seller Leads 
The New Commissions on Demand System 
PROVEN Facebook and Google Ad Copy and Design
We’ll deploy one of our 10 proven campaigns that have generated massive ROIs in multiple markets for you. You’ll get our battle-tested ad types, best-performing images, and copy that is proven to convert. 

PROVEN Landing Page Design and Hosting 
We’ll customize our proven turn-key landing page design for your clinic, and design and host it for you so you can simply count on it to work. No calling the webmaster, fiddling with software, or trying to figure out CSS code.
24/7 Inside Sales Agent to Call & Text Leads, Automated Follow Up & Appointment Setting, No More Chasing Down Leads
Don't waste time chasing down leads, allow our team of trained professionals to call, text, and email leads within the first 5 minutes they come in. We then followup for up to 6 months on your behalf in order to qualify them. This filters through the hot and cold leads and book appointments for you with the ones that are ready to talk NOW.
Done-For-You Ad Testing, Monitoring, and Management
Our team will monitor and optimize your campaign to ensure the best results possible. You’ll never have to even log into Facebook.  
Our proven campaigns have worked in dozens of U.S. & Canada markets. We'll never put anything up that we haven't extensively proven in other markets. We WILL get you new leads, more appointments scheduled, and help you close more deals! Ask us about our Lead Guarantee!
Get New Clients Scheduled As Early As Next Week
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